I'd do it all over again and I do it better: A Caregiver's Journey through Alzheimers by Janaan Manternach


"Janaan Manternach has a remarkable ability to see the sacred amidst the daily challenges and blessings. Every caregiver has a story, but not every caregiver can share his or her story so that others might learn, be uplifted, and be humbled. In her story as a caregiver to her husband, Carl J. Pfeifer, who was a person with Alzheimer's, she gives an honest review of things that she did well and things she would like to to over again." Barbara Vasiloff

"I'd Do It All Over Again and I'd Do It Better shows the beauty and breadth of humanity in our resilience and in our ability to grow and understand.

"Janaan Maternach openly describes the challenges she faced in caring for her husband as he struggled with Alzheimer's disease. She shares her own weaknesses, confusion, and difficult decisions. Her frankness and courage reveal the universal connection of our stories. Her growth, wisdom, and insights provide a model for those facing the crisis of illness and aging.

"The keenly observed details and powerful clarity of her writing command our interest and attention. She helps us to see possibilities —  more love, more forgiveness, and more gratitude for even the most difficult parts of life's journey. This is a beautifully written and rich book that is generous in all the gifts the reader will receive." John August Swanson

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Enduring Wisdom for Today's Spiritual Seekers by James Bacik


Father James Basik has been at it a long time and has heard and seen it all. The popular pastor and university chaplain understands the issues that face all people—especially young adults—as they try to navigate today’s complex world of work, relationships, and civic involvement. And he knows—from years of preaching, counseling, and ministry—the enduring wisdom that the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John have to offer spiritual seekers today. Whether you are Catholic or not, practicing your religion or not, happy or unhappy or sometimes a little of both, this book can help you decide who you are and where you stand. Each of the reflections offers a specific daily-life topic, a Gospel passage or story that offers relevant insight, several examples of people trying to live out their faith in real time, and a final challenging question for the reader to mull (or pray) over.

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BEN Talks

The Benedictine Institute of St. John's University would like to draw your attention to a new offering called BEN Talks.  The fourteen BEN Talks videos are similar to TED Talks in length and style; however, this series is focused on Benedictine values and is delivered by monastic members of Saint John’s Abbey and Saint Benedict’s Monastery.  BEN Talks help viewers gain a better understanding of the Benedictine history and values that shape the culture of our community.  Not only will you learn more about The Rule of St. Benedict and monastic life, but you will be prompted to reflect on how this wisdom can apply to your own lives and work. 

Here are the specific BEN Talks videos and their presenters:

  • Series overview, “Wisdom Throughout the Ages,” Fr. Columba Stewart, OSB.
  • “Awareness of God,” Fr. Michael Peterson, OSB.
  • “Community Living,” Sr. JoAnne Backes, OSB.
  • “Conversion,” Fr. Efrain Rosado, OSB.
  • “Dignity of Work,” Sr. Mary Weidner, OSB.
  • “Hospitality,” Fr. William Skudlarek, OSB.
  • “Justice,” Sr. Kerry O’Reilly OSB.
  • “Listening,” Sr. Mary Rachel Kuebelbeck, OSB.
  • “Moderation,” Br. Paul-Vincent Niebauer, OSB.
  • “Obedience,” Abbot John Klassen, OSB.
  • “Peace,” Sr. Josue Behnen, OSB.
  • “Respect for Persons,” Fr. Michael Patella, OSB.
  • “Stability,” Sr. Christian Morris, OSB.
  • “Stewardship,” Sr. Pat Ruether, OSB.

A Journey from Shame to New Life: One woman's story of alcoholism by Catherine Jenkins, CSJ


Sister Catherine Jenkins, CSJ, completed her journey on Thursday March 18.  She died at home in peace.  Who would have guessed that this woman of intelligence and religious devotion had a secret that tore her very soul?  In 2017 Sister Catherine published her memoir, which tells of her descent into alcoholism, the long journey to recovery, and her commitment to helping others with addiction.

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